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Taliban Five Tagged with Nano Technology

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 Let's first begin with CubeSat Technology.

The United States government defines terrorism as “premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents”.

Terrorist groups are difficult to identify and track. Unlike military units or agents, a terrorist’s affiliation with a particular country or ideology doesn’t have to be official. Terrorists may operate with or without the knowledge of any official authority.

The anonymity and mobility of terrorists is part of what makes them so dangerous. It’s also difficult to apply political pressure to stop terrorist activities. While one government might be able to gather international support to pressure another government to end hostile activities, there are few political channels a government can pursue to curtail terrorism.

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Obama Depending on Combat Controllers

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Airmen toss dirt bikes out the rear of an airborne plane.

Then, a so-called "bike chaser" jumps out after them.

When U.S. troops take control of an airfield in a combat zone, this often is how it begins.

Parachutes unfurl. The motorbikes float to earth along with the bike chaser, who quickly cranks one of the motorcycles to life. Soon, the airfield is secured and ready for incoming U.S. aircraft.

That's a typical mission for Air Force combat control teams, CCTs for short. And, along with seizing airfields, they help ground force commanders and pilots pinpoint targets in war zones. These kinds of special forces could be useful on the ground in Iraq, military analysts say, in the event of U.S. airstrikes against Islamic extremists.

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Time Running Out on Nevada Crime Boss - Sheldon Adelson Looking at Options

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Las Vegas - Federal authorities have been placed on alert as a Secret Federal Grand Jury has convened somewhere in the U.S. to consider charges that Sands CEO, Sheldon Alderson, has personal involvement of crimes admitted to by the Sands Corporation. Sands is a group of Nevada based, International gaming companies.

The possibility of this scenario came to my attention while being held in Miami Federal Detention Center. The Federal prisoner in the cell next to mine came to me for advice. He had been approached by the Las Vegas FBI with the requirement to testify against his former associate, Sheldon Adelson, or face additional prosecution which could land him in Federal Prison for an additional 25 years. He further explained that his other former associates were being summoned to testify. He feared for his life and the life of his wife. Alderson is known for biting when cornered. And he has a very long reach.  

I advised my neighbor that to spend 25 years more in Federal prison was a death sentence for him as his health was poor to begin with and the health care system was very poor in prison.

I received a message early this week that the process has begun. My friend, since released from Federal Prison after serving his term, was taken back into federal custody by authorities. His wife has been placed in the Federal Witness Protection Program to protect her from any attempts to silence her and her husband by the Adelson Organization.

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It starts as a rare case of some unknown illness, usually in an obscure area of the world so as not to be immediately recognized by the local medicine man. Then the cases grow and the incidences increase to a noticeable level. Once medical doctors are called in, they find that the disease has spread quickly among the locals, so fast that there is an “outbreak” of this disease. Treatment begins, lab tests are completed, however many of the patients are already dying. The incidence of infection from the “outbreak” increases at such a rapid rate, physicians are unable to keep up with the infection. Traditional treatments do not seem to stem the rate of incidence. Soon the outbreak becomes an “epidemic”.  Laboratory tests reveal the worst. It is Ebola. If not stopped, the disease, with no cure, can cross borders within days, soon to become a Pandemic.

Ebola hemorrhagic fever (Ebola HF) is one of numerous Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers. It is a severe, often fatal disease in humans and nonhuman primates (such as monkeys, gorillas, and chimpanzees).Ebola HF is caused by infection with a virus of the family Filoviridae, genusEbolavirus. When infection occurs, symptoms usually begin abruptly.

The natural reservoir or carrier host of Ebola viruses, and the manner in which transmission of the virus to humans occurs, remain unknown. This makes risk assessment in endemic areas difficult. With the exception of several laboratory contamination cases (one in England and two in Russia), all cases of human illness or death have occurred in Africa. Until now. There is a suspected case in Canada. A returning businessman from Africa has contracted a disease which mimics the symptoms of Ebola. But this virus is a new strain. Where did it come from, how quickly can it spread?

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